Apolda European Design Award 2017

Graduates from fashion academies all over Europe come to compete with their collections for the Apolda European Design Award. MXZEHN was comissioned to create an interactive stage that was audio-reactive and reflected the individual character of over thirty collections.

Every three years graduates from fashion academies all over Europe come to little German town Apolda to compete with their collections for the much thought after European Design Award. Presented for the 9th time in 2017, the prestigous award has seen designers as Joop and Lagerfeld peeking for the next big thing and is considered a career springboard for young designers. MXZEHN was comissioned with the creation of an interactive stage design. 
The music reflected the character of each of the over thirty collections and was performed live by Berlin based producers Demir and Seymen and a vocalist.

This edit was recorded in the studio with 16:9 aspect ratio. For the show the content was precisely mapped onto the 1792 x 1280 LED wall that framed the runway.
The images used in the visuals were provided by the designers. 
The music in the video below is written and produced by http://irkyste.com
Photography by Thomas Müller http://taikrixel.net
Visuals made with TouchDesigner http://www.derivative.ca

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